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"I am proud to endorse Chairman Tom Mechler for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.  Chairman Mechler is a man of faith and principle.  Tom is unequivocally the right person to continue leading the Republican Party of Texas.  Tom has fought in the trenches as a grassroots soldier for over 30 years.  A strong Republican Party requires principled conservative leadership and that is exactly what we get with Chairman Tom Mechler.”

Ernie Angelo
Former Republican National Committeeman

“Tom has a record as RPT Chair of ensuring we, the grassroots, have the power to elect our candidates.  Tom fights to make sure your one vote counts 100%.  Just as important, Tom is a leader we can trust to make sure no one’s vote counts more than the another.”

Toby Marie Walker
Tea Party Leader

“Chairman Mechler’s steadfast dedication to God, family, and Texas is exactly the values a leader of our party needs.  I proudly stand with Tom, and invite my fellow Texans to stand with me.”

Representative John Raney
House District 14

“I am proud to support Chairman Mechler, a lifetime Republican activist who shares our values on life and family, and understands that growing the Party is the key to winning.”

Kyleen Wright
Texans for Life

"It is critical to keep strong conservative and consistent leadership in this presidential election year.  Tom will keep Texas Red and conservative.  We need to keep Tom Mechler.”

Representative Jodie Laubenberg
House District 89

“Tom Mechler has built the Republican Party of Texas into an organization we all can be proud of and we need to continue to have his leadership as the head of the Party to continue its accomplishments for many years to come.”

Representative Craig Goldman
House District 97

“Under Tom’s conservative leadership, the Party is winning historic elections and is poised to dominate the Democrats in 2016.”

Steve Munisteri
Former Republican Party of Texas Chairman

“I have served three terms on the State Republican Executive Committee with Tom Mechler, who has played a key role in each of these years, first as Treasurer and then as State Chairman. Through Tom's dedication to sustaining and growing our conservative mission, he has served with integrity and a strong vision for the future. I am proud to endorse Tom Mechler for reelection as our RPT State Chairman and ask you each to join me in this support.”

Janet Jackson
Republican Chairwoman of Bosque County

“Tom Mechler is unquestionably the right choice to lead the Republican Party of Texas. He has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to take the fight to the Democrats and under his leadership, the RPT is winning historic elections and poised for a very successful 2016. You can’t argue with success and therefore you can’t argue with Tom Mechler’s record leading the RPT.”

Carl Tepper
Republican Chairman of Lubbock County and Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association Chairman

"Tom Mechler has held the Republican Party of Texas accountable to the grassroots because he knows what it’s like to be grassroots. Tom’s walked the walk as a County Chair, a precinct leader, conventional delegate and a grassroots volunteer."

Russell Hayter
Republican Chairman of Hays County

"Tom Mechler chaired the Republican Platform Committee that makes clear Texas Republicans are against amnesty and sanctuary cities. Tom knows we can't wait on Washington, D.C. to stop illegal immigration, and we need him leading the Republican Party of Texas."

Dr. Wally Wilkerson
Republican Chairman of Montgomery County

"Tom has decades of conservative leadership at every level. He has been very effective at growing the party and building the organization for winning elections."

Michael Bergsma
Republican Chairman of Nueces County

"The Republican Party of Texas will grow in strength under the leadership of Tom Mechler. RPT helped Bexar County Republicans win a breakthrough victory in House District 118 and Tom knows how to take the fight to the Democrats. He is a man of faith, integrity, and bold conservative values. I am proud to endorse him for re-election as State Republican Chairman."

Robert Stovall
Republican Chairman of Bexar County

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