Tom’s Plan

  1. Party Organization
    • Investment of staff time and monetary support to strengthen counties & precinct organizations
    • Creation of an urban coordination team with the state chair and the county chairs from Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Tarrant, and Travis
    • Rural and semi-urban coordination assistance between strong Republican counties assisting similarly sized strong Democrat counties
  2. Fundraising
    • Expansion of Grassroots Club to completely fund ongoing RPT operations
    • Fine tuning of mail outs to focus on individual issues of importance to the recipient along with obtaining conservative periodical publishers’ subscription lists to increase the donor base
    • Utilization of the Finance Committee to raise additional funds in addition to the continuation of the major donor efforts currently pursued by RPT
    • State Chair will continue to solicit major donor contributions
  3. Development of the Next Generation
    • Implement a formalized intern recruit plan to train our future leaders as valuable employees of our Republican elected officials
  4. Candidate Recruitment
    • Identify vulnerable Democrats and implement a recruitment plan which determines the best types of candidates to take them on and work with Republican organizations to recruit Republican candidates for those areas when no Republican candidate as stepped forward
  5. Communication
    • Pursue the distribution of platform comparison push cards and the publication of similar ads
    • Implement a professional advertising campaign to improve the Republican brand image; maximize the use of technology
    • Utilize the state chair position to speak out against Democrat actions, elected officials and candidates.